A Residence Packing List for the COVID-19 Era

Hi there! My name is Cheryl, and I have been known to overpack for every occasion my entire life. However, since moving into HOEM on Jarvis for my university residence experience, I suddenly became known to have packed the most useful things my friends are always needing to borrow. Living in HOEM during the COVID-19 era has allowed me to truly enjoy my year in Downtown Toronto. Although the world with COVID-19 looks different, the feeling of comfort and enjoyment in your dorm doesn’t have too!

Here are some of my best choices and tips for a residence packing list for the COVID-19 era, which can hopefully help and inspire you when packing for and designing your residence space during a pandemic!

Staying Safe and Tidy at the Same Time

One of the best things in my apartment is a cleaning and sanitizer station! My roommates and I split the cost
of buying supplies like hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and spray. These products allow us to ensure we are keeping the place germ free by having a central, easy to access spot for our supplies. Additionally, an all-purpose cleaner and some paper towels go a long way! In HOEM we are lucky to have bi-weekly in-suite cleaning but giving your apartment some extra TLC throughout the week is 

Secondly, having a specific place to put your facemasks is key! I highly recommended placing a Command Hook (for damaging free wall hanging) near your bedroom door to hang your favorite masks. This way I keep my masks organized and have a great reminder to grab one before I leave the apartment!

Bedroom Basics

dorm room art collageWith university being online, I find I spend more time in my bedroom working at my desk than I have in previous years.

This is why making your bedroom a comfortable space that represents you is important.

I made sure my room represented my personality but was able to remain a functional work and living space.

  • Choose bedding that represents you. Having a comforter / duvet that you love makes your room feel really personal and cozy. For me, a simple pink comforter was perfect!
  • A desk lamp, and pen holder went a long way! When I’m attending online lectures, I love being able to keep my supplies organized. A desk lamp is perfect for reading, late night cram sessions and doubling as a bedside table light.
  • Decorate your walls! I used pictures of friends and family, and different prints of art I liked. Other popular ideas include movie posters, string lights, and photographs! These serve as a reminder to stay connected during the COVID-19 era, and always help me feel happy when I see what I love every day!

Staying Inside

Three friends wearing pajamas in their dormThe COVID-19 era has led to a lot of staying indoors, so I made sure to pack some of my most comfy items when moving into residence. This includes a fuzzy blanket, slippers, sweatpants and decorative pillows for the sofa! Now whenever I’m around the building in common rooms, at my friends or my own apartment I am always comfortable.

Here is a photo of my roommates and I enjoying our blanket sweaters we got for Christmas!

Lockdown Favorites

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has meant various lockdown periods in Ontario, but I always made sure to keep myself, friends and roommates entertained when packing!

  • Board games and puzzles have been great this year, I am a huge fan of games like Monopoly and Crazy Eights. So it’s been nice to be able to play games with my roommates and get competitive!
  • My own yoga mat, so I am able to keep active in my room! But I love using the HOEM gym and yoga studio whenever I can too.
  • Bringing a TV was a great thing for me, as I am someone who loves to sit on the sofa and enjoy Netflix in my living room. However, the HOEM common rooms have great TV’s as well, and you can watch live tv or Netflix on the 2nd floor 24/7

Overall, your HOEM apartment is the perfect space for you and your roommates to be able to make your own, no matter how minimalistic or extravagant you like to be! I would definitely recommend checking out more information for packing on the HOEM on Jarvis website, and you should book a virtual tour to get the perfect picture of what everything looks like!