Humans of HOEM Part 5: An Interview with Steve

Hi HOEMies! The Humans of HOEM series is well underway and we hope you’re enjoying learning about some of your fellow students. Today’s interview features Steve, a 2nd year student pursuing a Bachelor of Design at OCADU.  Steve is passionate about art in all its forms - graphic design, photography, and painting are just some of the mediums he uses to express his creativity and unique style.

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Now, lets get to the interview:

Nada: What were you most excited about when you decided to live at HOEM? 

Steve: What really won me over and made me wanna move in was this unit. A three bedroom with floor to ceiling windows. I really liked how it doesn’t feel like an old student residence.

Nada: What’s your happiest memory at HOEM?

Steve: Meeting one of my best friends.

Nada: That's amazing! How did you meet them?

Steve: We met by accident. So, basically one of my friends that doesn’t live here; she posted a snap and I was like come through and she came and then she said she had to meet this guy (my best friend now) who lives here. So we all hung out and we just clicked.

Nada: What’s your favourite way to spend your free time at HOEM?

Steve: I listen to podcasts. I just started to try reading more. I like going on bike rides. I am a photographer and I like to see my work in my free time so I take pictures and I do a bunch of creative stuff and I paint.

Nada: What’s your biggest hope/goal that you have for the next year?

Steve: My goal is to save enough money so by next year I’d be able to buy a Tesla. That’s like one of my dreams.

Nada: Who are you inspired by?

Steve: I am actually inspired by my friends that I call my family. So I think everyone that I surround myself with are really inspiring people. Like my best friend who lives here as well. I like his drive. Like all my friends are really driven, really ambitious, and I just like to surround myself with them. And also my dad is my inspiration, and myself.

Nada: What’s something you’re really happy about right now?

Steve: I am honestly really happy to be surrounded by good people. I feel like my life is falling into place. I’ve gone through so much, I ‘ve seen so much. So many people have come into my life and so many people left my life. I am really happy about how far I’ve come.

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Nada: How has it been like living at HOEM during the pandemic?

Steve: I think it’s been okay. I am really thankful to not have felt the effects of COVID. I definitely felt safe.

Nada: What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in the summer:

Steve: I think just like all the crazy work I am going to do.

Nada: Why do you think it’s important to live in a student residence?

Steve: So you can meet people! There are activities and outings and competitions that help you meet people.

Nada: What are some of your favourite places in the city?

Steve: There’s a secret place where the waterfront is. There’s a rooftop in Kensington.

Nada: How have you kept yourself active during the pandemic?

Steve: I personally like to walk everywhere so there’s that. I go on walks and explore the city. Bike rides. I’ll do push-ups and core workouts.

Nada: What’s some advice you’d give someone moving to Toronto?

Steve: Honestly speaking, say yes to everything, but know your limits. When you go anywhere change is bound to happen. Embrace change. It’s a painful process but in the end it’s going to work out.


Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for the next Humans of HOEM interview as we gear up to welcome our HOEMies for the Fall semester!



Images by: Jordana Petruccelli

Interviewed by: Nada Abbass and Anirudh Muruganand

Transcribed by: Nada Abbass